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Home Schooling – A Survey

Home Schooling is now popular among parents since most of them are not happy with the reception which the school gives children. Parents are more concerned about the education system in the public and private schools and they feel that they are unstable for the past few decades. Parents feel that the text books of the children are outdated and the children are not given the right kind of quality education. Initially private schools were thought of as a solution to these problems but they too failed to prove themselves. The option of home schooling has been in the trends for the past few years.

The home schooling has many advantages and disadvantages. To start off with the in home schooling a student will be able to learn at their own pace and the environment is less threatening. The children will under the constant supervision of the parents. If the children are week in a particular subject, the parents can focus on that area and improve the children. The home taught children are less pressurized with work. The disadvantages of home schooling include less socialization of the children, parents need to posses teaching skills, lack of specific skill tutors. Parents find it easy to blame the educational system but are not comfortable with the home schooling since they lack many facilities at home. Though the system has many advantages the disadvantages also should not be overlooked.



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